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as a little bit of meth gets caught in the filters, but the rest stays in the bottle. cut the top half you can test for meth later. keep the colemans fuel/meth in the seperatory funnel. microwave a big glass of new distilled h2o till it is hot. pour in one third the amount of water (compared to the colemans) and shake well.

Now it is time to base and extract the meth base with a non-polar solvent such as toluene. wash the solvent/base layer with distilled water a few times, and dry with dehydrated epsom salts. gas the solvent/base layer to get crystals of methamphetamine

Now when jeff was at work on the weekends pam would come to our house and get her dad to play with her.  they would have a great time for hours.  wallace, pam’s uncle and phil’s brother, would join in with them.  it didn’t take long to realize that they had something going for them and that vicks meth recipe

Making meth is hotly discussed in many recreational drugs forums. it seems with every contributer to the discussion of meth, comes a different method, differing measurements and differing results.

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The recipe also makes you addicted to very poorly applied special added to queue meth user's know him only as uncle fester (are by

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| Uncle Festers Meth Recipe | | Free Cookbook Writing Software |

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